Be Prepared for Your Tour

Please take time to read over this page before your tour or excursion with Habzimth. We want to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable experience!

What to Bring

√ Plan to bring drinking water, hats or caps, sunglasses and sun screen lotion.

√ If you follow a specific diet, plan to buy and pack essential foods, especially before departing Casablanca to visit other cities.

√ Please carry your passport or other ID. (Note that a passport is required for entry to the mechouar of the Royal Palace in Rabat).

√ Bring cash for admission fees, meals, gratuities, or purchases. We can visit an ATM at your request.

√ Small change is helpful for tipping rest room attendants or making snack purchases.

Taking Photos

√ Always ask people for their permission before taking their picture.

√ Photo taking may be prohibited in some buildings. It is also prohibited to take photos of police or military officers.

√ In some markets, vendors or artisans may expect a tip for allowing you take a photo of their wares or of them working.

What to Wear

√ Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Dress for the weather and have an umbrella in case of rain.

√ In cooler months, we recommend wearing layers as temperatures can fluctuate greatly. Indoor temps this time of year may be colder than outside spaces which are warmed by the sun.

√ In warmer months, loose, comfortable clothing is best. Be prepared that indoor spaces may not be air conditioned.

√ Hats and sunglasses are useful year-round. Modest clothing is recommended, particularly if visiting small towns which are more conservative than large cities.

Admission Fees

√ Please take into consideration that entrance fees to Hassan II Mosque, museums, art galleries, archaeological sites, etc. are the responsibility of the guest.

√ Do not assume that all sites you visit will accept credit or debit cards. Have an appropriate amount of cash in Moroccan dirhams to cover these costs.