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Casablanca Day Trip to Lixus, Cromlech of Mzoura and Assilah

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  • Full day trip from Casablanca to Lixus archeologicalsite. Cromlech of Mzora. Asilah. Back to Casablanca.
  • Departure from Casablanca
  • Private guide for the day
  • Private driver and transportation
  • Wifi
  • water
  • Return to Casablanca


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  • Entrances fees
  • Snack, lunch and dinner expenses at restaurants of your choice
  • Tips for your guide and driver (appreciated, but not mandatory)

   More About the Lixus Archeological Site:

Lixus an ancient city founded by the Phoenicians  and whose ruins are located a few kilometers north of the small town of Larache; on the right bank of the Loukkos Oued. With the Roman retreat from North Africa and the victory of Islam, Lixus slowly declined in favour of the new city of Larache, erected on the other side of the Loukkos.

The site lies within the urban perimeter of Larache, and about three kilometers inland from the mouth of the river and the Atlantic ocean. From its 80 meters above the plain, the site dominates the marshes through which the river flows. To the north, Lixus is surrounded by hills which themselves are bordered to the north and east by a forest of cork oaks.

Historically, the province of Laarache, in addition to its ancient occupation in Prehistory and Antiquity, of which the megaliths of M’zorah and the major site of Lixus are the most emblematic sites, the Larache region played an important role in the Middle Ages and modern times. The region has experienced multiple waves of settlements, in connection with its strategic location. A small fortress was erected at the mouth of the river at the end of the 12th century by the Almohad Sultan Abu-Yssuf Yaqub AL-MANSUR, then a real citadel (Kasbah) at the end of the 15th century under the Wattassides. The port of Larache then became a privateer’s den, before falling into the hands of the Spaniards (1610-1689). It has historically been the main outlet for production in the Loukkos Valley, Gharb and large cities such as  Fez (cork, cereals, wool…), from the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th century, despite periods of closure to international trade.

The legend says that the titan Hercules in search of golden apples, went to the gardens of the Hesperides where he had to fight the local titan Antaeus and the dragon to a hundred heads, and meet the 3 Hesperides, daughters of the titan Atlas.

It was specialized in the manufacture of the meats. It’s located in the lower part of the site, not far from the river and the presumed location of the river port of the city. It consists of 10 factories and 150 ponds (fish maceration tanks), able to product up to 1 million liters of fish sauces per fishing season, making it the largest industrial complex of its kind in any other country in the Mediterranean basin.

Palatial complex is an architectural complex composed of a palace and its annexes, a temple , thermal baths with palestra, an Islamic villa, and a mosque. The ancient monuments are dated to the reign of king Juba II and his son Ptolemy, but the area was transformed and reorganised in Roman times.

located at the top of the hill, roman houses  richly decorated where lived the owners of the meat factories and farms of the hinterland of the city. All the mosaics discovered in the 50s of the 20th century are currently on display in the archeological museum of tétouan, a city situated 100 km from lixus.

Rhea Silvia was a woman from Roman mythology. In the legend about the founding of Rome, she is the mother of the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. She was the daughter of Numitor Silvius, king of the city Alba Longa.

House of Helios. Helios (Helius) was the Titan god of the sun, a guardian of oaths, and the god of sight. … Helios was depicted as a handsome, usually beardless, man clothed in purple robes and crowned with the shining aureole of the sun. Symbol or Attributes of Helios: The distinctive rayed headdress, his chariot pulled by the four horses Pyrois, Eos, Aethon and Phlegon, the whip he drives them with, and a globe.

The Amphitheater remains the only show building unearthed in ancient site of Morocco, its arena was home to gladiator fights and wild animals.

are composed of a vestibule, a large cold room decorated with geometric mosaic and whose medallion represents the Ocean god.As well as warm rooms, and swimming pools. These Roman baths were also richly decorated with murals and marble.

Chromlech of Mzora is of a vanished civilization. Cromlech is about 15 kilometres from the town of Asilah in the rural commune of Ayacha. It’s about 50 meters in diameter. The monoliths (stones) taper to the top, and are on average 1.5 meters high. The largest of them named “El Oueted” is five meters high. The Cromlech in Breton means a circle of stones erected -menhirs – related to astronomy, it is also a cultural religious monument. Rites and ceremonies were celebrated in this place. It should be added that in the centre of the monument was a tomb. the Cromlech de Mzora is a precisely, megalithic prehistoric site of great importance, abandoned. The place is known worldwide by archaeologists and could attract many tourists if it were better showcased.

Asilah is located at the northern end of the country. It looks like a large nest of seagulls surrounded by the sea.

Perched on colossal walls and protected by rusty cannons. alleys, whitewashed houses, patios, sophisticated art galleries and beautiful surrounding beaches. the central square hosts its mosque and gives access to the lively streets lined with shops and small galleries of bohemian artists dedicated to painting or local craftsman. Different shapes and colors of the doors of houses. Many restaurants that prepare their dishes with freshly caught fish.





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