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Casablanca Royal Moroccan Tea Ceremonial experience

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Tea with mint is a Moroccan drink by excellence because it is a digestive and stimulating drink. Nowadays, it is consumed daily so, consequently Mint tea is making part of the Moroccan cultural heritage. In the beginning, during the 18th and 19th century tea was just only a symbol of social class but gradually its consumption spread to the wealthy, the caravan traders and the tribal chiefs, then to the rest of the population. The tea ingredients generally include Chinese green tea, mint leaves and sugar.

We need an imposing elderly person, a well-dressed man or woman in traditional dresses to sit down on a sofa or, a well-lined pouffe and surround herself or  himself with the following instruments:

  • “Dara” is composed from:
  • one or two large silver metal teapots.
  • A dozen Crystal glasses of different colors are placed in a circular silver tray.
  • A tray of three silver boxes: one box for sugar, the second for green tea and the third one for the very well-washed and dried mint.
  • One silver glass to pour in the water’s rinsing of green tea.
  • The “Samovar” to boil the water.
  • Today, a small butane in Gas for “Tchahar”. Once the tea is ready it’s taken on a very slow fire for a few seconds. “Tchhar” allows to the tea to become strong and dark color.
  • A silver tray to serve cups of tea to the guests.
  • A tripod tray bearing rose water spear. Rose water is very good for cooling off.
  • A “Mbakhra» for burning the “Oud Kmari” . The Oud is the wood from India and which is of very good quality and smell.
  •  “Tbag”: a silver dish with a conical lid to serve traditional cakes such “The horns of gazelles” and “Griyba Behla”.

In the first instance, they proceed to boiling water and then they put two large spoonfuls of green tea in the teapot. Secondly, they rinse the green tea with hot water twice so as to reduce the bitterness of tea grains.Thirdly, they add , sugar and end putting the tea pot on a low heat for a few seconds. It comes then time to return,”klab chaklab”,  by pouring the tea into a glass and spilling it into the teapot two or three times to make sugar melt.

In conclusion, to succeed the tea we must pour  it from height. This special action is making part of the ritual. The tea is considered  drinkable just only when it  has foam on top. If there is no foam, the tea is consequently not ready to be served and needs to steep a bit longer.


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